full name Ruby Abigail Thatcher birthday + age November 3, 1989 & 26 birthplace los angeles, ca current residence los angeles, ca occupation musician family Marianne Thatcher (Mother)
Carlisle Thatcher (Father)
___________ (Sister, older)
___________ (Sister, younger)
sexuality heterosexual marital status Single
   • Her first memory is playing hopscotch in an apartment parking lot with her older sister. The small park near where they live was where they played often, but she remembered watching Veronica draw the lopsided squares in an open parking space and the two of them trying to hop through them. Neither of them truly kept score or won.

   • Ruby's first interest was in drums. A young twenty-something next door played them and annoyed her parents to no end, but one hot day when she was seven all the tenants had their doors open and she ventured out to watch him play. He started to teach her and she was done for. Six months later she started to learn guitar from him as well.

   • When Ruby was fifteen one of her best friends of the same age committed suicide. He was gay and had been harassed by classmates and other people around him. His mother was supportive but his father stopped talking to him when he came out and he'd often told her about how toxic his home felt. His death devastated her but pushed her to be more active within the LGBT+ community as an ally.

   • Ruby graduated from high school with decent grades but made it clear she never intended to go to college. Music was her passion and by then her sisters had begun playing instruments as well. They enjoyed jamming together and had started writing songs with each other, even if they didn't think any of them were very good.

   • The first time Ruby fell in love she was nineteen and it was with a college boy working as a barista at a Starbucks she sometimes visited. He was charming and sweet, he got her to finally love reading and she expanded his music knowledge. They lasted a year before his schooling took too much of his time and they drifted apart. She still has fond memories of him and wishes him nothing but the best, wherever he is.

   • Playing locally growing up had garnered a small name for Ruby and she began working as a touring guitarist for a couple different bands. It was great to play music for a living and she loved the travel, but there was still a small part of her that nagged. She wanted to play her own music.

   • In 2012 the three sisters settled on forming their own band and began to focus entirely on writing music together. They soon after released their first EP and, after being lucky enough to book a small spot, got positive feedback from a performance at the South by Southwest festival. It resulted in a record and management deal directly after.

   • Once signed the siblings began work right away on a debut album. In late 2013 their first album, Days Gone By, was released and charted in the top ten in a few different countries. The sisters enjoyed their success by touring hard for the next few years, though festival shows were always their favorite.

   • Nightingale is now preparing for another small tour, this time with the intention of previewing new music as they've been working on a new album.

✘ Her favorite color is red.

✘ She drives a 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid.


DAYS ARE GONE (2013) ... AS NIGHTINGALE 01. Falling 02. Forever 03. The Wire 04. If I Could Change Your Mind 05. Honey & I 06. Don't Save Me 07. Days Are Gone 08. My Song 5 09. Go Slow 10. Let Me Go 11. Running If You Call My Name

OTHER "Pray To God" Calvin Harris ft. Nightingale
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