full name Dextar Thomas Olson birthday + age April 9, 1980 & 34 birthplace louisville, ky current residence los angeles, ca occupation actor family Patricia Olson (Mother, 52)
Gloria Olson (Grandmother, deceased)
Thomas Olson (Grandfather, deceased)
sexuality bisexual marital status Single
   Dextar Thomas Olson came into the world with difficulty and it was something his mother Patricia enjoyed reminding him of in later years when he got too out of line. Twelve hours of labor left her exhausted but with a very vocal, red-faced baby boy. Once he was born his mother, a single parent, moved back in with her parents so that they could help out with the baby while she worked. As a child he was rather happy. Of course he got into things he shouldn't have (there was an infamous toothpaste incident), but in all he behaved rather well. Much of this was attributed to being at home with his grandparents. While his grandfather still worked, his grandmother was always there to keep an eye on him and to teach him right from wrong. That wasn't to say his mother wasn't there, he saw his mother as an angel sent from heaven, but working long hours meant that he was often left with his grandmother as his sole caretaker and she had a great influence on him.

   Once he was in school Dextar did relatively well. His grades were always average and he had a group of friends from grade school on. They weren't always the same, but there were a couple that stayed around and that he kept close. They were the kids that he kept close to, that he talked to on the phone at home, that talked to him about their thoughts and wishes just like he shared his. That was until they reached the age when talking about such things became uncool, at least to his friends. Dextar still had dreams and wishes that he wanted to express. Instead he held them inside and read books, listened to music, even when he probably should have been studying instead. In middle school he got into sports. The first was basketball, something he often got made fun of for, but he worked hard and got good at the sport. Was he ever going to be picked for the NBA? Never, but he enjoyed the physical outlet and it allowed him to meet other guys his age that he might not have ever crossed paths with.

   High school was where Dextar got his first taste of acting. There were all the usual classes that he was required to take like a math, english, science. The problem came with his elective senior year. Eventually he settled on a theater class, figuring that he could easily be put aside to paint shit and handle lighting once he learned what he had to. Instead the teacher pushed him to read for a role and he was cast as Jonathan Harker in the school's play of Dracula. The praise it won him was thrilling, even if he admitted it to no one but his grandmother and mother.

   After high school Dextar took a year to work at a local restaurant as a server to save money for college. His mother and grandmother hated it, but he refused to let them take heavy loans to pay for his education without any assistance. Once the year was up he enrolled at the University of Louisville with an English major. Of course, with most colleges, there were necessities to get out of the way. Maths, sciences, classes that he absolutely hated but were apparently required. Eventually he burned out on college and left it, much to the dismay of his mother and grandmother. Of course he felt guilty that they had invested in an education that he found painful to pursue. Weeks later he hooked up with a friend of his doing local commercials. Pawn shops, car dealerships, anything that got him money. Soon after he realized that he could make money from it he contacted an agent. That local agent got him a constant stream of local commercials before cashing in and getting him an audition for an actual film.

   His many commercials and ability to be smug and confident were what won him the role of Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie. From that moment on his entire life changed in that his career truly became a main focus. At that point his mother actually got on board with his choice of acting and fully believed in his drive. Roles didn't flow in, but the ones he landed were good for a few years. They were roles that he was proud of. Sure, there was one or two that he could have done without, but acting was work. It had become his passion but he also understood what a paycheck was, that he wanted to support his mother as well as himself.

   The moment that truly changed his life, the one he promises that he will tell his grandchildren about, is the day that his phone rang and he was told that he had gotten the role of Captain America. Dextar hadn't grown up a real fan of comics but the script had spoken to him, the character had spoken to him. Despite his past successes in the film industry, this was the Holy Grail. It wasn't something that he took for granted, either. The first thing he did was consult the special effects people on the team and, once he was able, he worked with a personal trainer to get in shape. Even after the film wrapped, he worked to keep himself fit. He had signed a contract and he was going to make good on that.

   Years later he is still just as passionate about portraying the Captain as he was when he first found out he'd gotten the role. Sure, he might let his facial hair grow out a little when he doesn't have to film, but he's as much a fan of the franchise as he is a part of it. Dextar isn't sure what he'll do when it ends. Thankfully, he has a while to think about it.

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